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MyBkExperience survey helps you to get certain discount coupons that you can use when you participate in the survey. This survey is actually beneficial for both the customer and also the company.  If you are a regular visitor to the Burger King restaurant and enjoy both the food and the service there, it is important for you to let the company know your feedback about the products and the food. In order to improve the quality of the service, it is very important for the company to know how their customers feel about their products. This will certainly help them to improve the quality of the product and their overall service. They will thus be able to maintain the food chain in a much better way.




The best part about the survey of this company is that if you participate in the survey then you are able to get chicken sandwiches and free whoopers the next time when you visit this place. So participating in the survey can actually prove to be highly beneficial for a customer. The company will break down the results and then will try to enhance the administration of the company at a later stage. These surveys are all about the clients and the company takes the feedback of the customers very seriously. It is therefore very important that the customer properly fills up the feedback form and also gives his or her honest feedback.

About the company

Burger King is one of the best companies throughout the world and this is based in Miami-Dade county. This company is interested in impress every customer. The survey is called the BK experience and it is basically a survey portal of the reputed company, Burger king. This survey allows the Burger king customers who recently had food in the restaurant their feedback about the services of this restaurant. There is immense competition existing these days and the reason why Burger King is able to survive in this competition is the fact that they do listen to their customers. In fact, this is an outlet that never loses its customers.

Burger king is today the largest burger chain in the entire world and this outlet has been there in business since 1953. There are as many as 15700 chains of this restaurant throughout the globe. You will be able to find this restaurant chain in more than even 100 countries. It maintains the satisfaction and the trust of the customers. In order to assess the experience of its customers, this fast-food chain conducts these BK experience surveys. These surveys help the company understand the problems that the customers have been facing. They are able to gather ratings through these surveys.



MyBkExperience Survey Requirements

In order to participate in the survey, the customer needs to have the following :

  • This is only available to those customers who have the most recent receipt of the food outlet.
  • This receipt should also contain a search request and also an identification code for that particular search.
  • Customers need this code in order to get access to the questionnaire.
  • The reactions of this fast food center also ask the customers to ask certain questions.
  • There are certain very important questions that the customers have to answer and these questions are related to a visit to the restaurant. The customer will also have to put in the amount that they had spent, their experience in the restaurant, and also the restaurant number.
  • All the necessary information will be there on the receipt itself.

MyBkExperience Survey Benefits

There are a number of benefits of this survey and in order to know about these, you can go through the points mentioned below:

  • The ratings on the various products will certainly help in improving the quality of the food.
  • It also helps in improving the customer experience as well as the interaction.
  • The customers are able to get better infrastructure and design.
  • The user-friendly framework is improved and even the usability of the product is improved to a great extent.
  • The company is able to make the necessary improvements and get to the top.

How to take the MyBkExperience survey?

In order to know more about the rules of the survey, you can go through the points mentioned below:

  • You will first have to go to the website. Make sure that you have the recent receipt ready with you. The receipt should also have the survey codes of this fast-food restaurant. Once all this is ready you can go to the website. You have the option of taking the survey either in English, French, or Spanish.
  • Once you get into the website, you will have to put in the store number. This will help the survey identify the outlet that you visited.
  • You will then have to use the survey code to unlock the survey. This code is there at the bottom of the receipt. It is very important for the customer to correctly put in the survey code.
  • You will then have to start to answer the survey questions. The survey has various parts. In the first part, you will have to rate the dining experience, in the next part you will have to answer about issues that are more specific. In the last and the final part, you will have to write your comments about the restaurant.
  • After you complete answering all the questions, there will be a validation code that will come on the screen. This is the code that you will have to write on the receipt and so make sure that you do so before you close the survey page. You can then use the coupons to claim the freebies from this particular restaurant.


In order to successfully complete the survey and claim the freebies make sure that you complete the survey properly. Doing this will help you to improve the quality of food and the service of this particular fast-food restaurant.

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